Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Article on Letters

I had an article published in Tyndale Bulletin:

Peter M. Head, ‘The Letters of Claudius Terentianus and the New Testament: Insights and Observations on Epistolary Themes’ Tyndale Bulletin 65 (2014), 219-245. (online at Academia.edu)

Abstract: Eleven papyrus letters from the early second century (P. Mich. 467-480 & inv. 5395) are studied in relation to parallel interests expressed within NT letters, on the topics of physical layout and formatting, discussions of health, the desire for news and the role of greetings, the role of the letter carrier and the use of letters of recommendation.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Martin Luther Stirewalt, Jr. Bibliography on Letters

If anyone has any leads on the unpublished papers (or un-noticed publications) that would be appreciated.

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 I. The Uses and Development of Greek Letter-Writing Through the Second Century C.E
A. Letter-Settings
B. Letter-Writing in Normative Settings
C. Letter-Writing in Extended Settings
D. Fictitious Letter-Settings
II. Forgery and Greek Epistolography
B. The Course of Criticism
C. Reasons for Forgery
D. Forged Letters?
III. Chreia and Epistole
IV. Greek Terms for Letter and Letter-Writing from Homer Through the Second Century C.E

Stirewalt, M.L. Jr., Paul the Letter Writer (Grand Rapids & Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2003).