Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Martin Luther Stirewalt, Jr. Bibliography on Letters

If anyone has any leads on the unpublished papers (or un-noticed publications) that would be appreciated.

Stirewalt, M.L. Jr., ‘Paul’s Evaluation of Letter Writing’ Search the Scriptures: New Testament Studies in Honor of Raymond T. Stamm (ed. J.M. Myers, O. Reimherr & H.N. Bream; GTS 3; Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1969), 179-196.
Stirewalt, M.L. Jr., ‘The Letter from Paul to Philemon: The Letter Setting’, SBL 1971, 5-8 (SBLSP 1971, 5-8 acc. Belleville, L.L., ‘A Letter of Apologetic Self-Commendation’, 155 note 41; but unpublished acc. Doty, Letters, 30 note 20).
Stirewalt, M.L. Jr., ‘The Letters of Paul: The Letter Setting’ SBL 1972 (acc. Belleville, Reflections of Glory, 107 (note 2)-108 (note 1)
Stirewalt, M.L. Jr., ‘Official Letter-Writing and the Letter of Paul to the Churches of Galatia’ SBL 1974 (acc. Belleville, Reflections of Glory, 108 note 1)
Stirewalt, M.L. Jr., ‘Review of C.-H. Kim, Letter of Recommendation; J.L. White, Official Petition; and J.L. White, Letter-BodyJBL 93 (1974), 479-480.
Stirewalt, M.L. Jr., ‘The Form and Function of the Greek Letter-Essay’ The Romans Debate (ed. K.P. Donfried; Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 1991), 147-171.
Stirewalt, M.L. Jr., Studies in Ancient Greek Epistolography (SBLRBS, 27; Atlanta, GA: Scholars, 1993).
 I. The Uses and Development of Greek Letter-Writing Through the Second Century C.E
A. Letter-Settings
B. Letter-Writing in Normative Settings
C. Letter-Writing in Extended Settings
D. Fictitious Letter-Settings
II. Forgery and Greek Epistolography
B. The Course of Criticism
C. Reasons for Forgery
D. Forged Letters?
III. Chreia and Epistole
IV. Greek Terms for Letter and Letter-Writing from Homer Through the Second Century C.E

Stirewalt, M.L. Jr., Paul the Letter Writer (Grand Rapids & Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2003).

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